Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Manage Your Time

You've done it! You've registered for classes, moved in, and gotten involved. Only problem you're having is that you've 
found your time slowly (and then quickly) slipping away. Classes picked up the pace after the first week and now you're finding yourself behind in all your reading, you have two exams coming up, and your student organizations are expecting more and more from you.

If this sounds like you, you're not alone. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by everything expected from you in your first year and hard to manage it all. We'll help you come up with a few strategies to help you manage your time more efficiently and you'll find yourself more organized and productive in the process.

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3 Benefits of l-theanine and caffeine for the busy college student


Ah, the college student.  Never before have you been more stressed out and sleep deprived, and it's almost seemingly impossible to balance academics with every other facet of your life.  (without having a nervous breakdown).  Like many others, I frequently rely on caffeine in order to muster up the energy to get things done.  The problem is that caffeine frequently leaves us feeling jittery or on edge.  There has to a better way! There is, and its called l-theanine.  L-theanine is a naturally occurring substance that counteracts the anxious feelings that are sometimes associated with that morning cup of coffee.  It works synergistically with caffeine in order to make you laser focused, yet relaxed.  It occurs naturally in some forms of tea, but adding it to your coffee or taking a pill will work more effectively.  Other benefits are below.

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Time MANAGEMENT as a College Club Athlete

Making the jump from highschool to college can be rough. Its most likely your first time on your own, so what you do with you time is 100% determined by you! Time managment can ruin your college career if you don't utilize it wisely. This blog post is specificly for club sport college athletes, because they have much more priorities than most students. So time managment can 
be very challenging for them. I am going to provide 3 ways to help with time management. 
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3 Ways We Are Wasting Our Time and How To Fix Them

We are all dynamite time wasters, bar none.

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Cooking with coffee

When you think of coffee, do you think of hamburgers, cinnamon rolls, beef tenderloin, and chicken tacos? Well, you should. Those are just a few things that after adding coffee to the recipe will take you on a flavor roller coaster that you will never want to get off of. After researching some of the benefits of coffee, I thought why not add it to my food and get those benefits in a different way while also enhancing the flavors of my food! As a college student being away from Mom’s cooking, I’ll take any tips I can get to cook better food.

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