3 Exercise Tools for the Dorm: Battle the Freshman 15

What is the Freshman 15?

For young people who are about to embark on their college experience, the freshman 15 seems like a made up myth, or something that would never affect them throughout their college experience. Unfortunately for these people, they soon realize that the freshman 15 is a very real thing throughout their first semester of college. Web MD states that one in four college students actually gain 5% of their body weight during the first semester of their Freshman year.

When you enter college, you're introduced to a whole new level of independence that you've never experienced before. With this indipendence comes the ability to choose what you eat, what you drink, and how much physical activity you take part in throughout any given day. It's often very hard to make healthy decisions when you're living in a dorm, mostly because you have limited access to healthy cooking, the campus dining halls offer enticing and unhealthy food options, and most of all - your dorm room offers you very little room for excersise and physical activity. Luckily, throughout this article, we will discuss three helpful exercise tools that you can use in order to avoide the freshman 15, or lose it if you already gained it. 

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