Why do pittsburghers love primantis?

Posted by Sarah Gallagher on Nov 16, 2017 12:41:39 PM

The Primanti Brothers is a staple of Pittsburgh. But what is it about this sanwhich with coleslaw and fries on it that makes Pittsburgher's crave it?


The History of the Brothers

These huge, hard to fit in your mouth, monster of a sandwhich started in the 1930s with Joe Primanti. He worked in a little cart peddling around the city selling sandwhiches, but the were not the sandwhich we know and love today, unitll he was asked by a local potato farmer if he had any need for french fries to go with his sandwhich. Joe had the amazing idea to stop making sides and focus soley on the sandwhich and that is when the Primantis Sandwhich was born. They opened their first store front in the historic Strip District in 1933 and became an instant hit. It became a place for the workingman to get a cheap meal and an Iron City Beer after work. Today they are around 30 Primanti Brothers stores world wide with an incredibly loyal customer base. Another interesting fact about Primantis is that everyone can tell you the story about their first experience eating one of these famous sammiches. 


Pittsburgh loves Pittsburgh

Everyone loves their hometown, but no one loves their city like Pittsburgh loves their city. The Steel City, home of the most winning Super Bowl team in history, The Pittsburgh Steelers. Home of Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Field. Pittsburgher's love supporting local tradtions, farmers, brands, and families. That is why Primanti's is so special to them. It was created by two brothers born and raised in the Steel City themselves. 


Are you up for the challenge?

Yeah, a huge sandwhich with coleslaw and fries is hard to squeeze into your mouth, but its the challenge to finish it all that is another tradition in PIttsburgh. This city grew up on blue collared steel workers and toughness, we know how to take a challenge head on. Pittsburgher's know that when friends come to town and want good food they can only get in the Steel City, they know exactly where to take them. It is a special expereince to be with someone when they first experience a world famous Primantis Sandwhich and it definetly something they will never forget. 


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